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So Thursday 4th to Sunday 6th saw us on site at the old Carribean Markets in Scoresby for the 2022 Tiny Home Expo. Our Tiny Home-Hudson was just past lockup stage for display and was a huge success. Being able to see the interior at lockup stage helped with visualising changes you could make to the space and what actually goes on behind the scenes. Custom design being what we are all about!

Thanks to all who came out for the day and viewed our tiny home and all the great feedback. Huge thanks to Phae and Lance from the Expo for the coordination and Rick's Towing (Tiny Home Specialist) for getting us there and back. Here are some images of our progress.

The Hudson is for sale as displayed (with elec and plumbing rough in's done ) for $55,000 or $87,990 Complete. Give us a call to discuss personalizing the finish before its gone.


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