Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need Building Permits for a TinyLife Home?
As Tiny Homes are constructed on a registered trailer they are classified as a vehicle and do not require building permits.

Can I travel with my TinyLife Home?
We can transport your tiny home to your desired location or you can pickup when complete. We don’t recommend travelling with them like a caravan and the external finishes and more “home” set up (when downpipes installed) exceed road legal width/lengths.

Can I put my TinyLife Home on my property in Australia?
Just check with your local council as to their requirements.

Do I need a Planning permit for my TinyLife Home?
Not necessarily, as they are classified as a vehicle just check with your local council. It depends on if you are connecting to services on your land and the duration you plan on living in your home.

Can I finish my build from “Lockup Stage” myself?
Of course, we ensure a structurally sound and secure building built by a licensed registered builder and then you can fit out when and how suits you.

What are your payment stages?
30% Deposit is required to place you order and get the ball rolling.

20% when your trailer arrives and we can commence

20% frame stage completion

20% lockup completion (or balance if only to lockup stage)

and 10% balance at completion.

Can I have my TinyLife Home installed on stumps instead?
Yes, Installing on stumps (fixing the dwelling) require some mods to the design to meet Australian Building Standards (as no longer fall under the caravan category) and building permits, planning permits(if applicable) and home warranty Insurance is required but all possible with us being registered builder. You will need to connect to services on site.

Can I opt for off the grid options?
Yes, we can offer solar trailer packages with battery options and 12v power , composting toilets, rain water tanks and all our  TinyLife Homes come with ready for  LPG bottle connection. Talk to us about any other options you would like to include.

How do elec, water and gas connections work?
Your TinyLife Home comes with a 240V mains external plug which can be plugged in to any electrical supply using an extension cord to run 15amp mains power throughout. Or you can opt for a solar system setup at an additional cost or added at a later stage.

An external garden hose plug connection makes connection of water simple.

All TinyLife homes come with connections for an LPG bottle and a continuous hot water service.

Your TinyLife home comes with standard septic connection ready for your flush toilet and requires access to your septic or sewer system by council permits and licensed plumber. Or we can offer self contained units at additional cost.

Do we have to pickup our TinyLife Home when complete?
No, we can arrange quotes for transporting your completed home from reliable local contractors Australia-Wide. Delivery is an additional cost. This ensures your dwelling is fully insured from our end to yours. Alternatively, you are welcome to pickup.

Can I customise my TinyLife Home?

We current offer modifications by discussion to designs as displayed- as these have been designed to make the most use of space, light and ventilation and most importantly functionality. We also do a custom design if we dont have anything quite right. Our service fee of $1650 includes design, 3D model, sections, elevations, fitting and fixtures specification. 

We do offer full customisation of your internal and external finishes and fittings/fixtures.

If you have any further questions, Contact Us