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About TinyLife Homes

Run by a Registered Builder- William Braaksma and wife Crystal. Tiny Life Homes is a branch of their custom home family run business. Also operating Lifestyle Bespoke Home Builders, they wanted to focus on their passion for Tiny Homes and the challenge faced by the affordability of the rising home market. Combining their core values of Competence, Sincerity, Innovation and Excitement in all their projects they offer full custom designed tiny homes with practical integrations that can only be achieved by a Registered Builder.

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Our Services

Concept Design
3D rendering tiny home

Customized for You

TinyLife Homes do an initial consult to sketch up any design concepts and roll any any ideas you would like incorporated into your design.

3d Render and Selections

TinyLife Homes has loads of experience with this service, we offer 3D renderings of your final design and you select your finishes in our design showroom.

With rising costs following the housing boom and Covid 19, and the impacts on peoples finances and reassessment of lifestyles and just what they want for the future, tiny homes offer many solutions.

Your own space for a fraction of the cost, ability to upspec your design as its a smaller scale, relocate if your situation changes, live a simpler lifestyle, have a home for a parent or loved one without the planning permits and months of chaos which may only be needed for short term before the situation changes, keep working from home but out of the house to achieve better work/home separation, or even somewhere for your teen (or you) to escape to.

The options are endless!


As a registered builder, we can do you tiny home on wheels or just on a frame and install on stumps or on a slab. All our designs can be modified to suit and home warranty insurance and permits are available. 

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